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Aug 17

The Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

The Jonas Brothers are a hit with the new album A Little Bit Longer

I recently got the new Jonas Brothers CD titled “A Little Bit Longer” and I love it! I’ve had it for two days, and i know all the songs by heart. All the songs are more mature, even though most are about love and breakups and such, like every other song out there lately. But the songs are good.

Like the song “A little bit longer” sung by Nickolas Jonas, the youngest Jonas brother, is one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard. It’s about his having diabetes but its kind of written like a love song. Also, their song “Shelf” is very catchy, and yes, it’s a love song. Honestly, all of their songs are, or seem to be love songs. But they are all presented in a different way. The most well known song on their new album is “Burnin’ Up” Featuring Big Rob. It’s not on my list my favorite Jonas Brothers songs, but i do like it. This new album is totally, one hundred percent amazing. I like how they are kind of stepping out of that Disney Channel scene, and kind of making a name for themsleves.

Here’s a Jonas Fun Fact:The whole album was recorded on their tour bus! Isn’t that awesome?! I was surprised, yet not. I mean, they have been on tour non-stop for the past like 6 or 7 months. But anyway, I give two Thumbs up for “JB” and if I had more hands, I would give them three thumbs up for their new album!

The Jonas Brothers are currently on tour with Camp Rock star, Demi Lovato, and Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne! The concert tour is called the “Burnin’ Up Tour” be sure to check it out, I bet the concerts are gonna rock!


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Jan 15

Miley Cyrus?! Yes Miley Cyrus, Disney Channel‘s Hannah Montana and also the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus has a concert body double! In the video below, Hannah Montana is seen running into a closet type room and a female also dressed as Hannah (the body double) is running out of the other end as one of the backup dancers covered the real Hannah with a blanket. It is said that Miley dressed as Hannah Montana runs backstage to change into her Miley clothes and the double merely dances in her place to keep the show going. I personally, (being a long time Disney Channel fan), don’t really pay attention to things like this. But this story caught my attention, mainly because Miley Cyrus is new with Disney Channel, and her show “Hannah Montana” is one of the most popular shows on Disney. From what I’ve heard on the news and on websites i visit, Miley Cyrus has had a rough couple of months. First she is getting sued due to things on her fan site Miley World, and now THIS?

(Watch at about the 2:23 mark)
But i believe that this is just something stupid Disney or Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) herself did because she/they decided it would be a good idea, and we all make mistakes in life, so i still remain a fan of her and her music. I’m not a person that follows a crowd, I’m into all kinds of music and all kinds of celebrities, and i don’t really care what people say about the music or people i like. This news doesn’t bother me because i know that if Miley Cyrus really wants to remain a popular celebrity working with Disney Channel or not, she will fix this problem and continue living her life.