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May 28

The cute blond twins on CMT’s Can You Duet get a harsh review from country music fans. It takes more than a pretty face to impress these judges! If you’re a fan of the show, stop over and share your thoughts!

My thoughts? Just cause Barbie’s are pretty doesn’t mean they’re a sound investment for any manufacturing machine. If these girls can’t inspire fan loyalty on the small stage why would any record company put the money and backing behind them to push them into the big-time?

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May 27

Sex and the CityThose Sex and the City box office babes, weren’t always America’s favorite brazen beauties… see who Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were before they took over Manhattan!

Kim Cattrall – Samantha Jones IS sex, but what would her sultry character say about the mousy damsel in a dress Gracie Law? Long before Kim Cattrall became the icon of fabulous women and drag queens everwhere, she played alongside Kurt Russel in the over-the-top kung fu calamity “Big Trouble in Little China”.

Sarah Jessica Parker – With a credits list longer than Carrie Bradshaw’s collection of pet peeves about Manhattan men, Sarah Jessica Parker is a face we’ve come to know and like. Amost always in a supporting role, we’ve seen her in everything from “Footloose” to “Hocus Pocus”. “First Wive’s Club” to “Honeymoon in Vegas”. She’s constantly awkward, and forever confused. No WONDER she’s in the lead role for Sex and the City!

Cynthia Nixon – This native New Yorker may have caught your eye as the sassy and domineering Miranda Hobbs on Sex and the City, but did you know she’s been acting for almost 20 years before getting her big on-screen break? As a Broadway babe, Cynthia’s credits include “The Last Night of Ballyhoo,” “Indiscretions,” “Angels in America,” “The Heidi Chronicles,” and “The Women,” and she managed to appear in both “Hurlyburly” and “The Real Thing” at the same time.

Kristin Davis – Our dear little Charlotte York wasn’t always so prim and proper. Kristin’s character was brutally written out of the steamy prime time drama “Melrose Place” after writers succumbed to pressuring fans who hated her bitchy character Brooke. Her cinematic demise? They let her drown in 3 feet of water!