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Jan 31

Planning on partying this superbowl/FDR Open weekend? Then maybe you should check out Zingo Designated Driver service! With the increasing DUI penalties a lot of people are staying home and a lot of bars and venues are feeling the loss. In the end, nobody’s having fun. That’s where Zingo comes in. Say you’ve had too many at the bar:

Zingo Designated Driver service-Call 877-NO DUI AZ (663-8429)
-Your fully insured driver arrives on a folding motorbike
-Folds it, bags it, puts it in your trunk
-Takes your keys
-Drives you home

Zingo Transportation, Inc. was founded in October 2005 by Atlanta entrepreneurs Jim Valentine, Charles Barfield, and PX Head. They founded Zingo to give people a viable option to the number one reason people make the bad decision to drink and drive–leaving their car behind.

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Jan 30

Critter Teeth FilmsWe first brought you Critter Teeth Films when they hit the web with The Earps music video debut for “I Love Las Vegas“. Now they’re back and baring a bit more than sharp teeth and playful debauchery. A raw, dark and sinister scene plays out in the video “Life of Hell” directed by JD Smith and starring Phoenix locals Zombeast. Zombeast started a little over 2 years ago when 4 friends got together to create their tribute to the horror rock music scene. “”We’re not trying to change people or re-invent anything with our music. We’re just four guys with a love for Horror and everything Danzig. We just wanna play music that we think rocks… And hopefully others will enjoy what we do.” – Zombeast.

Zombeast is:
Mario – Vocals
J.Zombie – Lead Guitar
Kris – Bass
Beau – Drums