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Dec 20

“This is one of the smaller portable jacks that you can take with you in anyHydraulic Trolley Jack
car or truck. It only weights 18 LBS and can lift 4000 LBS. It includes a removable jack handle and the handle that gets snapped on to the jack to carry the jack. These types of jacks should only be used to jack one corner of the vehicle up to change a tire.”

Product Features

  • Precision hydraulics for steady lift Steel Casters for Longevity
  • Swiveling rear casters Precision internal valve for even release
  • Lift Range: 5″ – 1525″ Handle Length: 19 5/8″
  • Extra heavy-gauge steel chassis frame
  • Rotatable saddle for easy positioning

I’m one of those lucky gals who tend to get flat tires frequently. As a matter of fact the reason I’m writing this article, is because I ended up using my Hydraulic Floor Jack twice in the past 5 days! It was extremely easy to use, and a million times better than the jack screw I use to own. I had my Toyota Celica raised on the Hydraulic Jack in about 5 pumps, with this particular 2-ton floor jack.

I found the 2 ton hydraulic floor jacks, ranging anywhere from $20-$25 dollars, on Amazon and Ebay. I would highly recommend picking yourself, or your significant other one of these. It sure will make a flat tire situation, a little more bearable to handle without struggling as much.

The 2 things I’m thankful for today are:

#1 Being Female, and actually knowing how to change my own flat tire.

#2 Owning a Automotive Hydraulic Floor Jack.


Flat Tire

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Dec 20

Tim and Willy have been a valley staple for as long as I can remember in country music radio (except for a very short out-of-state gig which they quickly recovered from and were forgiven for). I grew up listening and loving the All Earl Band and their pop-country parodies, and am constantly amazed at the efforts these boys go through to make this sprawling valley feel like one big family. I wake up and head to work every morning at 5am and am happy to catch the beginning of their show on my way in. It starts my day off feeling happy and energetic. So you can imagine how my heart sank last night when the local news station reported that they will not continue broadcasting with KNIX or Clear Channel Communications after the new year.

From their official site:

It’s official: After nearly 10 years, Tim & Willy will no longer be heard on 102.5 KNIX– starting January 1st, 2008.

Though this may come as quite a surprise, (it has to us) we want you to know the simple facts and how this has come to be.

We did not quit. We did not get fired. We are not leaving for a better job. This was not about money or any fancy perks. We simply could not come to terms with the station’s parent company- Clear Channel Communications over the length of a new contract. We hold no grudges with the guys who had to make this difficult decision and we leave feeling very proud of the work we were privileged to do on this legendary station.

Read more on Tim and Willy‘s Departure

Boys, you will be missed, but no matter what adventure you take up next, know that your fans will follow and support you all the way!