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Sep 03

It’s inevitable… completely unavoidable… and sadly, just something we can’t get by without in most cases. I’m talking about Gas. I personally spend about $300 a month on the liquid gold and I hate my QuikTripdependency on it to get me and the kids from one place to the next and back again. I’ve even considered moving to a small town where everything is within walking distance just so I can save that $3400 a year. However, there’s something out there that makes the expense at least somewhat more acceptable. A decent gas station. Actually, more than decent. Out here in Phoenix we’re overloaded with Circle K’s and a bunch of other nondescript franchise gas chains who make no qualms about the fact that they are here to sell gas. The don’t care that the coffee’s cold, or the muffins stale. They could give two shakes of a rat’s tail if their soda machine smells like mold and there’s dust on the bags of chips. They are there to sell that overpriced liquid gold. What I don’t understand is how they stay in business when accross the street is a whole other story. Large, clean, plenty of pumps and always the best price around, you find a QT station. You walk inside and you are ALWAYS greeted with a hello. The stores are well-lit, clean, and well-structured. The food is so obviously fresh, and the selections of snacks, coffees, and everything else makes it even better. For a single mother without a moment or dime to spare, these guys have all my business. So it begs the question… how on earth do those other guys make any money at all?